You support rape if…

NOTE: This list is drawn from a list by blogger Eve’s Daughter. Her reasoning is excellent;  and although I prefer the list that follows, still, it is always refreshing to learn of someone in our culture who can entirely cut through the nonsense.

This is a handy guide for males, females and dual-sexed persons–anyone who  claims to be anti-rape. See how you all stack up.

You support rape if you have committed any of the following acts OR if you have been complicit in any of them, including not doing all that you reasonably can to stop the act. As you read, remember: all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing…

The List

  1. Defending any act on this list by saying that, “Others do it too.”
  2. Objectifying sexuality, whether positively or negatively, especially considering sex to be fundamentally an economic transaction andor a purely physical transaction andor a struggle for power.
  3. Assuming that people have sexual “needs.”
  4. Joking about physical attacks, sex-crimes, victimization by sexual deception andor mocking those who complain about sex-crimes or media depictions of gender or sex.
  5. Celebrating, whether directly andor vicariously, the sexual debasement of self andor others, including compartmentalizing people as “types,” especially in sexual matters.
  6. Defending abuse on the grounds of consent.
  7. Engaging sexually with an underage person andor believing that consent legitimizes the sexual commodification of an underage person.
  8. Exploiting an imbalance of power*, by any of the following factors: subordinate social-role; incapacity due to drugs, including alcohol; physical restraint; lack of consciousness, whether short- or long-term; subjection whatsoever to coercion, including no less than the following types: psychological, physical, economic, emotional.*EXCEPT when all imbalances are agreed upon by all parties, and AS LONG AS the agreement is not significantly attributable to explicit or implicit duress.
  9. Attending a “strip club.”
  10. Encouraging sexual exploitation andor considering sexual exploitation to be “freedom of speech” andor insisting that self-sexualizing behavior of others is either or both, 1) an indication of sexual availability, 2) a justification to engage the person sexually.
  11. Accepting any legal-definition for sex-crimes which explicity or implicitly considers gender andor highlighting gender andor sex in matters of sex-crimes.
  12. (When rape has been alleged,) placing the onus of consent on the alleged victim andor unduly accusing the alleged victim of ulterior motives for the allegations (a feeling of regret; an attempt of extortion, etc) andor supposing that the alleged victim is responsible for the alleged acts of the accused person.
  13. Assuming authority over another’s body andor another’s private (non-criminal) sexual matters, especially in matters of abortion, adoption, birth control, childcare.
  14. Supporting sexual options and openness for others–including advocation of abortion–because of a hope for increased personal opportunities for sex.
  15. Presuming that respective sexes andor genders necessarily agree–or that they necessarily do not agree.
  16. Deriding any sexual habits as inhibitedprudishstuck-up, etc.
  17. Promoting the idea that any one of the following is necessarily a path either to happiness or to misery: marriage; not marrying; monogamy; polygamy; abstinence; sexual prolificacy; sexual submission; sexual domination; sexual-exclusivity; polyamory; asexuality; pro-creating; not pro-creating.
  18. Prioritizing the interests of a person or people on the basis of gender or sex andor promoting religious or philosophical views that do so.
  19. Arguing that “cultural” attitudes and behaviors among sexes and/or among genders are off-limits for criticism by those not of the given culture.
  20. Describing human anatomy in terms of function andor esteeming the worth of a person or people based on the usefulness of their biological functions.
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