Women-worship, PAID in the USA and worldwide (how to engineer a failing culture)

Whom the [cultural] Gods would kill, they first make insane, pride comes before the fall

How to engineer a failing culture

Ingredients (a few examples of many)

1) Preclude, for tyrannically political purposes, women from philosophical discourse.
2) Thereafter provide, for tyrannically political purposes, those same derelict barbarians a ‘right to vote’, even in the most serious matters of the world–for example war.
3) Maintain, for those philosophical derelicts, unparalleled protections from the consequences of their vote.


1) RIDE the medicated wave of quintessential delusion: seek to secure a safe society, and a sane citizenry, while endlessly exalting women even while not whatsoever inculcating, nor even allowing, traits and conduct in women worth exalting (nor worth even respecting or tolerating) but rather the opposite: allowing, even encouraging, the worst in women: sloth, greed, hypocrisy and entitlement to the point where countless ‘socially-well-adjusted’ women believe wholeheartedly that infanticide is empowering and moral–as long as (and only if) a woman says so.

2) REWARD those who best articulate a volatile mythology which requires reverence for these uninteresting, uninterested, uncaring, careless, shameless, reckless, blameless, aimless, social-medusas, whose stupendously stupid and unsustainable siren-calls freeze all reasonableness; demanding complicity for providing women with undeserved allowances, unprincipled allegiances, capricious priorities and captious proclivities; relegating countless of the most earnest men and women into nothing but shallow, soulless spiritual-zombies, who, for tyrannically political purposes, do nothing more nor better than to regurgitate woman-worship, ushering in PAID: pride, arrogance, insanity, destruction.

3) RESPOND to reason with mindless contempt: “You must hate women!”

“Pride and arrogance precede failure and destruction, and Whom the [cultural] Gods would kill, they first make insane” — Christian Bible, Proverbs 16:18 and Euripides

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