Why white men have no butt

Why men have no butt

When any man or woman is socially compelled to continually over-exert, he or she tends to continually stand with wider feet–to feel readier and more balanced.

Also, such a person tends to walk with longer steps–to feel more “effective” or, at least, more busy.

Such unbalanced standing and walking disrupts the balance between hips and legs; this disruption disengages the largest muscle in the body–the buttocks; this disengagement atrophies the largest muscle in the body–the buttocks; this atrophy destroys the balance of the entire lower; this destruction then compounds, destroying the balance of entire body.

So the next time you notice someone with a really nice but–or someone with “no butt”–watch how they stand and walk: those with “no butt” will have wider stances when standing and take longer steps when walking.

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2 Responses to Why white men have no butt

  1. tyciol says:

    Interesting theory… I might possible get why a wider stance could reduce reliance on hip extensors ( I guess pressure is shifted to the hip adductors) but I’m not sure I understand why longer steps do it.

    You figure longer steps shift emphasis to the hamstrings instead of the glutes?

    Anywho, Bret Contreras is white and that guy is a glute master.