Why men ‘fear commitment’ and women ‘never rape’

*Update 1/23/2013, 2:30pm PST: Contact from Ellie Shipman
(Updates expounded at the end of the article)

When wives rape kids with impunity, encouraged in their pedophilia by a sexist USA culture (Leah Gayle Shipman, Johnnie Ray Ison)

First, a video. Then more written word:

Sexistly supressed statistics vs real rape

Leah Gayle Shipman is yet another female rapist that will not be statistically accounted for. Shipman had sex with her then-15-year-old student, Johnnie Ray Ison. She will face no charges. Most who pretend that “women never rape” rely on crime-statistics. Shipman’s rape will never be reflected by crime-statistics. So according to the data, she never raped. And how many more Leah Gayle Shipmans are there in the USA?

The mother of Johnnie Ray Ison is another negligent single-mother (like Nancy Lanza) who will likely not be called what she is: bad.  Note that she is the mother of the rape-victim, yet she has sided with the rapist.  And where is Ison’s father? Who cares!? SINGLE MOTHERS RULE!!

Men should NOT commit to socially-engineered and socially-sanctioned sociopaths

Rapist Leah Gayle Shipman divorced her husband 6 days before marrying the child that she raped. Her ex-husband is yet another man whose wife freely and legally had sex with someone else while married–raping a child, in fact. And still the masses of woman-worshiping, pop-culture-pawns will puppet, “Why do men ‘fear commitment’?” Well, pawns, here is your answer: in the USA, “commitment” for a man can easily mean promising your loyalty to a woman who is entirely entitled to legally rape a kid, while she is married to you, then divorce you, then marry the kid–and face no charges for any of it. Address that before you so churlishly mock men who “fear” commitment.


To pretend that women never rape–or murder, or abuse kids, or abuse their husbands–will be increasingly difficult for honest people to believe, because the internet and alternative news is exposing our culture’s frilly false-idols, and fast unraveling the woman-worshiping mythology of woman-as-harmless-perpetual-victim and men-as-hateful-perpetual-villain. And so increasingly, only the most willfully foolish among us will speak of men’s “fear” of commitment, realizing instead that to avoid commitment to a socially-engineered and socially-sanctioned sociopath is the only sane option for a man.


*Update 1/23/2013, 2:30pm PST
Contact from Ellie Shipman
A few days after I posted this article, Ellie Shipman, a self-described relative of rapist Leah Gayle Shipman contacted me on facebook, saying, “Get a freaking life one that doesn’t involve my family. Please learn that you don’t know everything in the world and that you sound like a complete idiot with just a gaping hole for a mouth and you sound stupid. Grow up and find something better to do.”

The following video includes my response to Ellie:

Rules are for boys (Tampon girl, Giovanna Plowman, daughters of Obama, Bush)

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