Why blacks vote democrat (#BlackCrabsInDemBuckets #BlackIntraSlaveryMatters)

Why blacks vote democrat

Why blacks vote democrat

Wow! Blacks polling 90+% for democrats again?

How does this keep happening?

Well OBVIOUSLY blacks who vote democrat are intelligent, free-thinking people [example 1], [example 2].

And OBVIOUSLY blacks never whip uppity niggers for trying to leave the democrat plantation. (And It’s not like black people in Ferguson had their lives threatened for telling the truth about St. Michael Brown…because all that was under-reported….so, you know: it did not really happen.)

So obviously blacks vote 90% for the anti-democratic democrat party of slavery, segregation, KKK etc — because that is the party which takes blacks seriously.

….what else could it be?

#BlackCrabsInDemBuckets #BlackIntraSlaveryMatters

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