White Diamonds vs Black Turds (Beethoven vs Diddy example)

“Sometimes, coal transcends into a diamond; other times, it melts to shit.” -Jesus Christ


Color: Black
Favorite Person: self
Wealth: on his way to billionaire-status
Health: fine, but for drug addiction and self-destructive degeneracy generally
Lifespan: 46, as of this writing (Born November 4, 1969)
Example of musical accomplishment:
P.Diddy – Last Night [Feat. Keyshia Cole]


Color: White
Favorite Person: Julie Guicciardi or Josephine Brunsvik
Wealth: compelled by lack, throughout life, to teach piano for money; at times, wrote out music on tablecloth, because of the high cost of paper.
Health: Deaf, during the composing of many of his most famous works; plagued, from childhood until death, with many contemporary maladies.
Lifespan: dead at 56, succumbed to diseases which, today, would have been entirely preventable or treatable.
Example of musical accomplishment:
6th Symphony ‘Pastoral’

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