Welfare recipient royalty & privileged prisoners


Welfare recipient royalty & privileged prisoners have paradise!

Life for us is ENTIRELY UNFAIR!

We–the carefully molded, the thoroughly trained, the endlessly obedient–demand more!

toast Welfare recipient royalty get all the privilege! They only sit in one series of rows and complete one series of forms — then they get Bread And Circuses for years! Whereas, we must consistently sit in rows, and consistently complete forms in order to EARN Bread And Circuses!

Privileged prisoners are the luckiest of all! They only sit in rows,  while someone ELSE completes their forms FOR THEM; then, for as long as they’re caged, they get COMPLETELY FREE Bread And Circuses — EVEN TV!

Why not go on welfare or get caged? NO WAY! Only a loser leeches off of others!

REAL men, and RESPECTABLE women earn their OWN Bread And Circuses. Much more betterer to follow Carrots and flee Sticks, as directed by various secular clergies…

…as we fund, 1. the pawns of the Prison Industrial Complex, as well as, 2. the wards of the Welfare State (which includes the cogs of the Warfare State).



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