USA’s (White) Women’s Movement was and is a farce

White women laments feeling "unfulfilled" while a venal therapist "helps" by pretending to be prepared for doing more than to simply say what he thinks she wants to hear.

“Why do I lead such a dull life? Why do I play it safe? I feel the need to light something on fire. Or otherwise justify my existence.”–the facebook status of a (male) acquaintance of mine

My response:

Now you know how pampered, protected, middle-class white women felt, as they complained of listlessness to their venal therapists, prompting the Women’s Movement*.

*The USA’s (White) Women’s Movement: a sexist, self-righteous clusterfuck of irony, hypocrisy and demands for evermore entitlement, especially a right to “work outside the home”–something that poor and working-class women had been doing ever since this country was founded by slave-labor.

A slave African-American woman was 'allowed' to 'work outside the home'

There was no unified “women’s experience of America”–the (White) Women’s Movement was (and is) a farce insofar as it pretends that “women in general” have a common heritage.


Black women: usually enslaved by coercion; white women: usually self-slaved by permissiveness

Our culture has rendered many women as slaves, and continues to do so, to this day; however, our culture likewise fetishizes plenty women, and, in doing so, pampers and primps them–cloying the women with any and every thing that their stunted minds ask for.  Surely this too is a form of slavery but still should be differentiated from the harsher form.  Simply put: “women in general are victims” is an indefensible lie, told by social-engineers with an aim to divide and conquer men and women, by making women feel entitled and making men feel ashamed.

Imagine this: when I searched “slave woman,” on Google images, to find a depiction of a slave African-American, I had to sift through several pictures of beautiful white sex-slaves.  To the willfully untrained mind, white US women’s increasing fascination with BDSM speaks of the women’s socially engendered self-deprecation;  however, as a connoisseur of all things sexual, I am aware that, with a few exceptions, every woman who sexually fetishizes slavery and torture does so only after having been cloyed by “normal” sex.

Yet another white woman receives "help" from a venal therapist.

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