There is never an excuse for self-defense (against a woman)?

It’s all fun and games and “ya’ll [both] got to go,” when he is getting hit–then imagine the tone of voice after the guy fights back: “Hey HEY!! How dare you fight back!”

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One Response to There is never an excuse for self-defense (against a woman)?

  1. tyciol says:

    She clearly started that. The guy had his back to her and was just talking. She shoved him in the back, he lurched forward, caught himself, didn’t fight back, and kept talking. She then kept being aggressive by reaching around and slapping him in the face.

    Did he react with greater force? Sure. He punched her, with more force in one blow than in her previous ones combined. Who gives a shit? She started it, and in self-defense, people should not be limited to merely matching whatever force is used against them. People should be able to defend with MORE force so that it can be ended.

    Women should learn that hitting is wrong and not to do it. This man is a hero for standing up for himself and his gender. Too bad a GD white (literally LOL) knight got in the way.