The IMF, ruling elites threaten U.S. and other serfs

Christine Lagarde, chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

“If the U.S. fails to raise its borrowing limit [then] it would cause interest rates to rise and stock markets to fall.” — IMF Chief Christine Lagarde

Or, put more accurately:

“[If the U.S. fails to increase its debt to us then we will raise interest-rates and stock markets will fall.]”— IMF Chief Christine Lagarde

Fair enough–let fall their tower of cards, the stock market.  Let them raise interest rates to whatever they want. Do not borrow from them.  Do not repay any debt to them. Live locally and sustainably.  Do not lust for “cosmopolitanism.”  Pledge allegiance to free association.  Reject the IMF, and in doing so, reject the worldwide serfdom and modern-day slavery that, by design, the IMF perpetuates.

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2 Responses to The IMF, ruling elites threaten U.S. and other serfs

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