Someone’s son tortured then arrested

Someone’s son tortured by psychopathic woman-worshipers then arrested:

For more about tortured sons, the evils of woman-worshiping, and the idiocy of, “there is never an excuse to hit a woman,” visit my other article: An excellent reason to hit a woman: self-defense.

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One Response to Someone’s son tortured then arrested

  1. timothy says:

    i have little-to-no respect for all of these people video-taping this shiz. you could argue that they don’t have the physical ability to stop it from happening, but jesus zombie christ they could do more.

    the only person who was close to doing something good was the dude who took the box from the guy trying to prevent things from escalating. unless he’s also the guy that gave the box to psycho-bitch. that part was a little unclear.

    i agree with your thoughts that there is no excuse to hit. i’ve always argued against those that are either fighting each other (or trying to fight me) that they’re giving in to baser instincts and by resorting to physical violence they recognize that they have lost the verbal/mental ‘battle’.

    and it is messed up that women get away with as much as they do. how much influence do you think that the female cop being first on the scene had?

    i’m checking your stuff out at random, so… expect future posts.