Satire shall set them free

“The Golden Age of Grotesque”–Marilyn Manson (lyrics)

We live in golden age of grotesqueness and satire–a golden age for both information and idiocy.  Whether profound, profane or parts of each–so much of that which was once hidden–occult–is now just a click or two away.  Never before have so many in the world had such immense access to information.

The challenge, now, is sorting and prioritizing

With greater and greater amounts of information comes greater and greater need for critical thinking–an ability to sort.  However, so many marketeers deliberately seek to circumvent thinking, for fear that thinking will expose their goods and services as petty and useless.  This creates much cultural chaos–a massive storm of competing interests.  Some cultures (aka markets)  are just entering the storm; others, such as ours, are, in many instances, now in the eye of the storm.

Satire shall set them free

Never before has satire been so necessary; never before have satirists been so well-informed collectively.  The two videos below are a good example of how satirists will win:

The original video:


The satire:

We shall overcome

Satirist are too fast for the bullshitting politicians and marketeers.  The new age is here, and, more and more, mis-information is almost instantaneously trounced by satire, then replaced by reasonable analysis.  The internet is beginning to chop off hydra heads faster than they can regenerate; soon, instead of hacking the branches of evil, the internet will facilitate the recognition, striking and ultimate destruction of the root.  This, too, shall pass.

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