Ranking bad via Mood Based Principles

putin vs obama homosexual contrast

“Still trying to figure out which picture is more homosexual”- Chris Erichsen

there is a formula to determine this:

‘homosexual’, translated into mood-based-principle, means ‘bad’; so to determine which picture is more homosexual depends on which picture is more bad, which in turn is based on criteria (criteria = the thing that’s valued) established by the mood,

*mood-based-principle: A. subordinates and/or contrasts reason-based-principle. B. can be momentary and/or part of an event-horizon of days, weeks, months, years, even generations (in which case, mood-based-principle is called ‘culture’). C. dependent entirely on context.

two examples of contrasting criteria:
1. community (real or imagined), vs 2. autonomy (real or imagined)

1. if the criteria is community, then the picture with putin is more homosexual, because it reflects a self-sustained person, unconcerned with ‘community’ demand for the polite, obedient, vigilant checking in with everyone else, as to how and when you should stand, sit, talk, listen, think.

2. if the criteria is autonomy, then the picture with obama is more homosexual, because it reflects ‘openness’, ‘gentility’, ‘acceptance’, which when translated thru a lens that values autonomy becomes ‘carelessness’, ‘obsequiousness’, ‘credulity’.

so again, with ‘homosexual’ commonly meaning nothing more that ‘bad’, look to the criteria–the thing more valued–contrast it with other popular things, not valued or less valued, and in the end, you will be able to ascertain which of a pair of images is more homosexual.

for more on mood-based priorities, there’s this:

SFTU 1178. Trump aka Obama 2.0 aka Bush 3.0 aka Clinton 4.0 (Ross Perot et al)

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