Pro-death Heterophobia

Churlish, listless legacy
of countless sidetracked, sterile,
heterophobic pedophobes
fed futile, hedonistic misapplication
of marxist social-prerogative
as biological-prerogative,
in a world of biological-imperatives,
where leaders wisely prioritize the
population’s thinning
from ranks
of rank volunteers for oblivion:

First to go: men most willing
to squander sexually energy
aimlessly into each other’s anuses—
fruitless, feckless, fallen fathers,
feigning love to lust,
masking fear as anger,

succumbing to dread of conflict,
hiding from possible war,
sneaking to certain death.

Next to follow: women willing
to doom their children:
womb as tomb—
manic, malevolent, macabre mothers,
begging now not ways to raise the lives,
rather, “Provide that they may die,”

numb, self-caged,
trading long life for slow death,
manifestly farcical
semblance of success.

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