Pornography as progservative mythology (facials vs creampies)

melania trumpWeaning from the naïveté of religiosity, the neo-hominids erected shrines to the mental erections of various vain vapid venal neo-hominids: legality as ultimate morality, in an eternal parade of vacillating appeals to popularity.

Progressive conservatism veiled a perfected autocracy, progservative caste members themselves cast to cast clout on the ominous weaponry of modern evolutionary war: echoes of antiquity — “give me liberty, or give me death” — swallowed by sirens; slender, swollen; seething, “Give me sterility and the right to fight for my extinction!”

Then came porn, normalizing. Facials. Ass-to-mouth. Torture. Bug-chasing. Infanticide. Rectum as womb.

Deep within the gaping lavender botox cacophony, a genesis loomed: the disgusting, the immoral, the unnatural — the creampie.

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