Patriarchy protects women

Patriarchy protects women.

Patriarchy protects women.

Responding to a previous article–Women Deserve Better–Anton said,

“That was refreshing! Here in Dk (Danish kingdom) we have a debate right now wether we should legislate that women have to be 40% represented in boards (companies listed on the stock-exchange) like in Norway (in Norway it had a bad effect on the wiew of women, which is pissing off those women that could get there by themselves, without the aide of government).

And in generel all the discussion we have here in Dk, radical feminist are saying that women are victims and need even more laws only for them. In truth men are in more and more ways beeing discriminated and marginalized (especially when in comes to their children). But if a man says that out loud he’s a pathetic looser… Some obscure places in the world women have it tough, but here. Pfffttt.

They have way more advantages then men (the list is VERY long and gets longer all the time) and still they keep wanting more. The only way I can make sence of all this is that western women wants present men to pay for former generations patriarcal oppression on a subconscious level.”

Responding to Anton, I say,

“patriarcal oppression”

In a patriarchy, as in a matriarchy–and in all other governments of now and ever–no demographic is, as a whole, more protected and comforted than women. The reasons and motives vary, but the priorities remain: every human-made law in the history of the world protects and comforts women more than men.

Moreover, feminism is, by and large, comprised of cloyed women, disillusioned and diseased (dis-eased) by the rotted spiritual-fruits of their self-indulgent laborious recreation. These cloyed women learn well the dissatisfaction of living in a culture that meticulously aims to afford its women an endless social-Summer. Winter builds character; being shielded from winter atrophies character.

Knowing that they are unendingly protected, these cloyed women exploit, and surely without a worry, the servile character of men (and women) who–whether by expectations, goals or otherwise–are too busy or broken to dutifully dismiss, as nonsense, the idea that women are exceptionally undeserved by society.

With few exceptions, Feminism is a shiny, shaven farce; and only women–the most sacred of the sacred cows of our western culture–could make such patently absurd claims as do feminists without invariably being dismissed as opulent idiots. Women-only abortion rights is one example on the list. But as you said, Anton: it is a very long list 😉

Post-script: The Notion of ‘Patriarchy’ (etc) as a Marketing-Gimmick to Lazy, Self-Righteous Women

That she is oppressed – moreover, especially oppressed – is a fantasy peddled to the most protected people in our culture: those women who can afford to waste their time – i.e. the foundation of their potential – with soap-operas, romance-novels, and conspiracy theories of a ‘patriarchy’ – all this as a social-morphine: synthetic adrenaline to subsidize the listlessness brought upon her by her own vapid, self-righteous, cowardly hedonism, then subsidized by so many an insipid ‘gentleman’ whose mantra is that, ‘above all, to be a REAL man…is to bend to the capricious whims of self-righteous women.’

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  1. Jenna says:

    My boss sent me this in an e-mail a coupla days ago, reminded me of this article. Thought I’d share it.