Open letter to Alison Malmon of Active Minds about social-lobotomies & misandry: don’t just hack branches–strike roots

Social-lobotomies & misandry--don’t just hack the branches--strike the root (open letter to Alison Malmon of Active Minds)

Social-lobotomies & misandry–don’t just hack the branches–strike the root (open letter to Alison Malmon of Active Minds)

Original Text: Labels are for jars, not people. Fight Mental-Illness stigma.

Correction: labels are for diagnoses, in order to prescribe symptom-obscuring, disease-encouraging pharmaceuticals. Fight the undue influence of 1) big phrama, 2) both APAs (American Psychological Association & American Psychiatric Association), as well as 3) AAUW (American Association of University Women, who awarded Malmon)

And the aimless girls at ‘Active Minds’ will continue as simply part of them problem, until they diligently question why ‘mental disease’ & suicide so unevenly affect men. Spoiler alert: ‘mental illness’ is simply a buzzword to obscure the wide-scale, emotionally crippling social-abuse of males.

~Russ Lindquist

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