“No” means “yes–if he is hot

The following, from Craig’s List section Missed Encounters, is a lesson in how some women want to be treated.

Title: You tried to abduct me (w4m – 24 PB…shore club)

I happened to be casually walking out of shore club with my friends the other night and like usual had one too many. Your friend grabbed me and picked me up and threw me on your lap in your getaway car. I’ll be honest, getting abducted was never on my things to do list, but I didn’t mind 🙂 I guess this is after the fact that I screamed I didn’t know you and I need to get back with my friends. Your Friends explained you were from “the Dakotas” and were legit, but I bailed out of the car. This of course was before my friend thought I was crazy for bailing out of a car with 5 hot dudes haha. So anyway, abducter…I hear you were hot and obviously you like to take risks, so hey, why not…let’s get together. Please don’t sell me into TJ Mexican sex slavery though mmkay? Hope to hear from you!! Haha 🙂

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