RE: “Nice guys finish last”; blameless vain women; masturbation

There is a myth in our culture that “nice guys finish last.”  However those who pose this adage are deceitful men (or enabling women), and the adage is entirely about “scoring with chicks.”  There is nothing at all ‘nice’ about these guys.

Of course, none of these guys would phrase their intentions as ‘scoring with chicks’; regardless, the intention of a self-proclaimed ‘nice guy’ is no less ignorant, no less dismissive of a woman than are the intentions of a non-nice guy (that is to say, a guy who is honest – above all, to himself – as to his intentions with the women whom he encounters).

The #1 tool, used by a ‘nice guy,’ is to (deceptively) disavow his sexuality then pander to any and every caprice of the girl.  By this pandering, the ‘nice guy’ convinces himself that he “cares about her for ‘who she is’,” and thereby – ironically – he convinces himself that his desire to penetrate her vagina with his penis is more true and respectful than other guys.  Moreover, the totality of the women exceeds the petty nonsense which she expects the ‘nice guy’ to cheer on. Therefore, he is her enabler, enabling her self-righteousness and insecurity – keeping her spiritually stagnant.  No one should pity a self-proclaimed ‘nice guy’.  He should be despised.

There is a myth in our culture that a woman’s vanity is almost always a man’s  fault: if she is obsessed with her weight then it is because ‘men expect her to be too thin’; if she daily masks her true face with cosmetics then it is because men cannot accept a ‘real woman’; even if she, herself, is a thoroughly disagreeable person then it is not her fault but because, at some point, a man did something to her that caused her to be tedious.  However, reality is different:  if she is obsessed with her weight then it is entirely probably that she vainly aims to compete with other women – not for a man – but for attention.  Moreover, she should not be pitied, because the same aim that causes her to seek unnecessary thinness causes her also to be disgusted with those around her who do not fit the stereo-type that she has come to accept.  To track back farther than this – to which supposed man or men caused her to think this way – would speak only of an incessant desire to absolve her of the consequences of her behavior; the pampering which bolsters the myth that the woman must be a victim is invariably a disservice when given to a woman:  it weakens her, causing her to think as a quintessential hypocrite.  When her causes are self-made then she should be blamed.  Yet in our culture, it is freakishly rare to experience a woman being squarely saddled with accountability.

Masturbation: in our culture, the action has become so shamed that the word itself seems, to many, to be objectively bad.  Nevertheless, if you were to go to the moon, then moon-men* would not know why you insist that the word is bad.

*’Moon-men’ is a term that includes also ‘moon-women’ and ‘moon-dual-sexed-persons’.

Like many other actions and thoughts, masturbation (I almost wrote moon-men) is despised both by the religious and the secular.  Do not let secularists fool you:  no more do politically-minded secularists want masturbation popularized than they want Jesus to be recognized as nothing but a figurehead that should be ignored: secularists love that Jesus is worshiped, so they can self-righteously rail against the worshipers, and they espouse masturbation only from fear of the alternative: more people (“extra ones,” as Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ said on Larry King Live).

Here is my point: our culture’s proscription of masturbation – like so many moral imperatives – is about nothing but social-engineering.  The fact is that a…’masturbated’ person is a content person; and there is nothing – in the world – that a social-engineer fears more so than a content person: a content person thinks, rather than blindly obeying; a content person saves her money, rather than squandering it on face-paint and shiny; a content person saves his money, rather than marrying; a content person masturbates, rather than seeking salvation in the ‘dating scene’ – a scene wherein both men and women are monstrously unprepared to ever delay gratification for the sake of real commitment and intimacy.  Speaking of real commitment and intimacy: that so many of our culture’s homosexuals feel downright heroic about choosing to gobble genitals alike their own is tedious; however, even more tedious is that so much of our culture pretends to not understand the motives behind the preference for homosexuality: homosexuality offers real commitment and real intimacy for so many who have been poorly served by our culture’s hyper-hetero-, hyper-materialistic-sexualism.

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