Morality, born of humanism, stolen by religion

Morality is born of humanism–then often stolen by sly, ignoble religious gatekeepers to disguise corrupted, capricious and venal purposes, which serve to bring out the worst in some of the best people.


Morality born of humanism, when stolen by religious gatekeepers, disguises corrupted purposes, evoking some of the best people’s worst acts.

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2 Responses to Morality, born of humanism, stolen by religion

  1. Kevin says:

    The title… I’ve been saying this since i was in grade 3 (i remember because i asked my catholic school teacher many questions).

    Did that make me a boy genius? No. I was simply not corrupted by faith, or the belief that asking questions which made me sound like I did not believe, would damn me to hell. I was a young man who asked a LOT of questions, and trusted very few answers, of which i was never afraid to ask.

    I chose to find authority in truth… not truth in authority. When we are taught about differences between our religion (whichever that may be) and others, you forget that similarities do infact exist, far beyond the ones that “back up” your religion. The ones that might challenge your faith, are never discussed. Like the christian bible being a clone of a thousand years of previous religions. Religion was created by the people, once upon a time, to describe nature, since science and mathematics were not hightly enough evolved to explain phenomena that was experienced daily (like sun set, and sun rise, seasons, droughts, etc).

    This is all abundantly obvious if you research religions which predate the last 1000 years.

  2. Kevin says:

    Aka, religion has been twisted from teaching us about the world and our interactions with each other, to a justification for evil and ignorance at the highest levels.