MGTOW re-understood (Men Going There Own Way)

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Correcting my impression of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

To be misunderstood is surely frustrating. Another person’s initial perception of you is a mental seed-–all growth begins there. However, unlike a physical seed that may be planted in any given way and yet grow straight, when a person first misunderstands you-–when the initial seed is planted crooked-–then the seedling that is you in the mind of that person will sprout crooked. It’s all downhill from there, or all uphill–whichever is worse.

And while being misunderstood is surely frustrating, far worse is someone misunderstanding you and then, based on that, proceeding to widen the divide between who you are and who they suppose you to be, by making elaborate extensions based on the initial misconception of your character. Such was the case when I published a YouTube video wherein I explained several reservations that I have with the topics and tone of two MGTOW websites that I had assumed, wrongly it seems, reflected well the consensus of MGTOW ideology.

Summarily I received plenty silly, slovenly cyber-teeth-sucking from various detractors of my video, for not possessing their frame-of-reference for MGTOW. To those detractors, I advise the following: Do not let your frustration, however warranted, tyrannize the potential in you for pause, patience and reasonable refutation. Nevertheless, by criticizing the two websites, it seems that I may have, at best, bested a strawman and not any ‘official’ ideology of MGTOW.

A word about strawmen

To be clear, plenty people in our culture consider it enough to feeeeeeel successful by besting a strawman; two good examples of this are, 1) the cavalier Christian elder who proudly out-talks a first year biology student who has accepted the theory of Evolution; and, 2) the various, insipid, pseudo-liberal, pseudo-scientific soothsayers of our culture who readily deride any young, relatively poorly-spoken Christian child whose parents raised him or her to think critically about Evolution, rather than to bleat, in harmony, an acquiescence to the Appeals-to-Authority and Appeals-to-Popularity, which, if you’re keeping score, are all that sustain plenty parts of the oft-pseudo-scientific Frankenstein that is the theory of Evolution.

Clarification about MGTOW received

When it comes to taking pride in winning against the wrong opponent, the aforementioned kinds of people are two examples; but I am not a third. So I was glad to receive, from YouTube user ThatCynicalCynicism, a video response to my video. Therein he offered, amid well-chosen visual aids, that MGTOW is “generally defined as being an individual choice, and an individual solution.” I thank him for the information (although I hold that his estimation of feminism, in the video, was, coincidentally; a straw-man).

Declaration against fem-anesthetized, misandristic co-dependency

After inaptly generalizing MGTOW and planting a sideways seed, I am now at least somewhat prepared to straighten the seedling. Here, then, is my ode of MGTOW:

When in the course of widespread misandrist tyranny, it becomes necessary for men to dissolve the social-solder, and reverse the spiritual mutilation which has stuck and imperiled them, so inequitably, to the whines and whims of women–these men must, perhaps, reinvent the wheel of free-association.

Let it be clear that a man has a right to go his on way. Therefore, let modern men acknowledge and accept–as tearfully as they might–that far too many women, for far too long, have far too well assumed the role of nothing but shined, shaven social-succubi who reflect all of men’s vices yet none of men’s virtue. Further, these succubi (desirous of everything and deserving of nothing) can offer men nothing but the role of a masochistic self-indentured-servant: he is to work a job he hates; he is to earn money that she spends; he is to live far less comfortably; he is to die far sooner. Only social-abuse and resultant sentimentality could ever long tie any person to such a poison.

So let each man reject this preposterous, poisonous, pink proposition: let each man end his stake, however he sees fit, in the misandrist fem-anesthetization that is, now, generations old; let each man choose, instead, to live a life of self-direction, self-control, self-reliance and personal responsibility, even if such self-respect means that he must wholly abandon such soul-striping social roles as, for example, womyn’s unpaid bodyguard, womyn’s unpaid moving-company, womyn’s unpaid therapist, womyn’s unpaid accountant, womyn’s financial-lust-object, womyn’s perpetual scape-guy.

Men deserve better than what these “womyn” are offering. Men have a right to go their own way.

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