Men as women’s unpaid tutors

Above: a woman helping a physically clumsy baby to learn walking. Below: a man helping FIVE of his mentally clumsy female classmates to learn joints.

It is a sunny Sunday Afternoon.  While sitting outside a Starbucks, I see six medical students studying physiology–joints and joint-flexibility.  The only man of the six just left, with only the halfhearted thanks spoken from the backs of five women’s heads–they did not even turn around to acknowledge him leaving.  Of course they didn’t; why would they?  After all, wasn’t the situation simply six students coming together to learn physiology?

Not quite.

Male students fail by focusing on female students

Throughout the hour or so that I monitored the group (while concomitantly finishing up my last blog, USA’s (White) Women’s Movement was and is a farce), I noticed a consistent theme:  only the man had a grasp of the content.  Apparently he was retaking the class after having previously failed some important part of the class during his prior attempt.  Something tells me that he would have successfully completed the class on his first attempt, had he focused more on himself and less on helping his half-attentive, half-grateful female classmates.

At Starbucks, the guy’s five female classmates were immensely ridiculous: no sooner would they half-understand the guy’s advisement than were they interrupting him and carrying on–they looked like the academic equivalent of a toddling child: falling on its face, staring ahead quizzically while helped up by its parent, then stumbling off as soon as it regains footing.

I spend nearly all my time, these days, on the campus of Grossmont Community College (GCC), here in San Diego California.  At school, I see the same theme as at the Starbucks:  a man acting as an unpaid tutor for one or more of his clueless, careless female classmates.

Are women entitled to men’s unpaid tutoring?

To the mis-trained mind, it seems fair that a male student would squander his time by acting as the unpaid tutor to his generally inattentive, barely appreciative female classmates:  first, “he is ‘lucky’ to be around the girls,” and after all, “women get paid 70 cents to the dollar;”  and, “women work harder, for less!”

Now, for reality:

  • In our culture, men account for 90% of workplace fatalities.
  • In our culture’s heterosexual relationships, men continue to be expected to work a job–often one that they hate–to provide for a woman; the reverse almost never happens: in our culture, only a “loser” guy receives money from a woman, whatsoever, and far less so that he can “find himself” or “take an art class,” etc.
  • Women are more likely to attend college.
  • Women are more likely to graduate college.
  • Women are more likely to choose a degree simply for fun or personal fulfillment–knowing that, worse-case-scenario, she can simply “get married,” and that our culture will thereafter expect her husband to provide for her.
  • Men are far more likely to commit suicide if they fail at school.

Unpaid tutoring is NOT gender-neutral

Throughout the GCC campus, there are many intelligent, competent, attentive male students acting as unpaid tutors for their incompetent, inattentive female classmates.  But you will nearly never find an intelligent, competent, attentive female student tutoring her male classmates:  just as, in our culture’s marriages, the wife’s money is her money and the husband’s money is his and her money–so too, in academia, the female student’s time is hers and the male student’s time is his and hers.  With few exceptions, in academia, if you seen a woman tutoring a man then she is being paid…with money (not with “lucky her she gets to be around him”).

Money, not squandered time, attracts our culture’s women

Because these male students are not likewise helping their males classmates, it is obvious that the behavior is mating-motivated:  the male student is hoping to find a female mate by sacrificing his time to his female classmates.

Guys, no amount of squandering your study-time to bolster an incompetent female classmate can compare to you becoming rich and successful in the future.  After that, you will happen into plenty of your previous female classmates: often, you will find them slaving away in some menial capacity because they failed at school.   At that point, you will be surely amazed: she always liked you–“didn’t you know, silly?” she may say.  Of course, at that point, she only wants you as a social life-vest…but how is that different from when she needed you to waste your time as her unpaid tutor?  It is not.  Guys: save your time; invest in yourself; ignore the plight of your petty, primped and pampered female classmates.

Accept her cooperation; reject her need for unpaid tutoring

  1. Be willing to help your classmates–the men and women–but do not especially help your female classmates, and certainly DO NOT IMPERIL YOUR EDUCATION for the chance of gaining the good-graces of your female classmates.
  2. Focus on your OWN study.
  3. Increase your OWN earning potential.
  4. While focused on education, reject all “networking,” except polite acquaintanceship will all your classmates, ESPECIALLY your female classmates: too many of them are parasites and see you as a host.

Guys, do not invest in your female classmates unless they reciprocate.  Do not help them unless they help you.  Become successful and then women such as these will beg you for your time, just as, now, you beg them for their time by acting as their unpaid tutor.

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