Kill Whites Twice (note to black people)

Dear black people,

Whites, because of their white-privilege, deserve twice the punishment;

if a white person attacks you, then fight back twice as hard as you would when a black person attacks you;

if a black person tries to kill you, then kill them once; but if a white person tries to kill you, then kill them twice;

if a black person is dishonest, then doubt that black person; but if a white person is dishonest, then doubt that white person AND also doubt the next white person you meet, even if they are honest. Whites have white privilege, so they deserve white guilt-by-association.

Hundreds of years ago, something else happen to someone else — so you deserve the right to mire yourself in constant thoughts of vengeance, with perpetual certainty of your own moral superiority.

We must fight for ‘equality’. To achieve equality, we cannot judge people based on their behavior: we must judge people based on mythology created by anti-confederacy propagandists during and after USA’s civil war.

To achieve justice, we cannot judge people based on their character: we must judge them based on our socially engineered prejudices.

Prejudice is not prejudice: prejudice is payback. And you deserve to be a cynical, servile, slithering, prejudicial sadist; you are morally superior, so you can spin straw failure into golden success. If this were not true, then your puppeteers would have already warned you.

Glamorize drugs. Abort pregnancies. Sterilize your body and mind. Tortured. Empowered. Infanticide.

Vote in national elections, and vote for whomever the democrat party nominates, or you are not authentically black, and we will kill you.

lil wayne, american flag

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