July 5th: remembering USA’s cannon-fodder, traitors & heroes (James Murdough, Smedly Butler, Pat Tillman)

July 5th: remembering USA's cannon-fodder, traitors, heroes

July 5th: remembering USA’s cannon-fodder, traitors, heroes

…and as homeless US Marine veteran James Murdough was roasted to death in a New York jail, what was his last thought? Perhaps Murdough marveled at the apparent truth of,

If you live by the sword, then you will die by the sword

At 56, was Murdough aware of how, for the sake of bigger bonuses, some scandalous Veterans Affairs staff and administration downplay the plight of USA’s military veterans, further condemning the helpless heroes?

James Murdough, US military cannon-fodder

James Murdough, US military cannon-fodder

On that stairwell in the middle of the night, when the police officer found Murdough–then arrested and jailed the abandoned mercenary for ‘vagrancy’–did the two feel a kinship?  Murdough, a mindless murderer; the arresting officer, a thug who heartlessly jails homeless, helpless military heroes: both men defined by ‘just following orders’; and where is the harm in that?

We, in the USA, celebrate freedom and independence on July 4th? That is as untrue as the duplicitous battle-cry of, “Support the troops!”, whose true subtext is, “Support the policy!”–and almost always at the expense of supporting the troops, especially cannon-fodder such as James Murdough.

“War is a racket,” said the unpatriotic traitor

General Smedley Butler, US military traitor

General Smedley Butler, US military traitor

“War is a racket, benefitting only whorish millionaires and billionaires, leaving countless poor men (and now women too) physically maimed and mentally unbalanced.” These words, traitorous as they may be to our cannibalistic and imploding status quo, come not from some ‘hater of liberty and freedom’ like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Ahmadinejad — nor any other Emmanuel Goldstein hostile to USA’s benevolent terrorism: the words were spoken by Major General Smedley Butler of the United States Marines. Many have never heard of General Butler, even though he was the most awarded US military person in history during his time; he was a two-time recipient of the highest military award, the Medal Of Honor. Upon reading Butler’s famous speech ‘War is a Racket’, it is easy to understand why so many people have never heard of Smedley Butler.

Martin Luther King’s speech, ‘Why I oppose the war in Vietnam’, is comparably hidden from the general public: in the speech, MLK calls the United States the greatest purveyor of terrorism in the world.

Pat Tillman: Hero, Puppet, Pawn

Pat Tillman, US military hero

Pat Tillman, US military hero

Now finished with remembering discarded US military cannon-fodder, veteran James Murdough; and US military traitor, General Smedly Butler: let’s remember a US military hero — Pat Tillman. After years of intense study in American football–the apish art of knocking people down and trying not to be knocked down–Pat Tillman became a national hero in the USA for being killed by ‘friendly fire’, after he set aside a lucrative football career.

Before and after his death, the gratuitous reporting about Tillman sacrificing football for war quite plainly reminds that a US soldier who joins from a sense of duty, from among many other options, is exceptional–while those who join out of financial desperation are typical.

The propaganda and lies surrounding Tillman’s death clearly demonstrate that plenty career politicians and political strategists do not whatsoever ‘support the troops’ but rather support only the policies, often at the direct expense of military service members and their families.

Full Disclosure

None of the preceding is true. Actually, I just ‘hate freedom’.

Ignore my stupidity! Did you know I didn’t even graduate high school!? lol what a loser!!! Instead, follow the advice of Founding Father John Adams about war, who said, “I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the liberty to study politics and war, in order to give their children a right to study politics and war.”

So with the flag on high, clear the streets for the red, white and blue battalions; clear the streets for the freedom division! Millions are looking upon the stars and stripes, full of hope; the day of freedom and of liberty dawns! Millions are looking upon old glory, full of hope; the day of freedom and of liberty dawns! #DieFahneHoch

Happy 5th of July!

Go back to sleep.

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