[Idiots’] Idol: smug, smirking, unhappy bullies (feat. Vinh Bui)

“Australian idol – Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui”–that is the title of the following video, as given by the uploader.

The top comment is “Tabs?” with 73 likes.
The #2 comment is “i need the fucking tabs!!!!!,” with 73 likes.

Both comments are simply mocking the fact that the guitar playing is poor.

“Does ‘no’ mean no?”

At the end, to be clear, they dishonestly edit the video to make it seems like four people told him “no,” and that he then stupidly says, “does that…does that mean ‘no’?”

“Take your time, breathe, focus. Alright?”

The woman, without a hint of nurturing spirit, goes through the robotic motions of, “Look: I.am.nurturing.him…with.my.kind.words.” No, Robot: you are a gimmick. She says, “we want you to be great.” That is a lie. The woman knows that it is a lie. The aim of these kinds shows is not to demonstrate success. Sometimes they do, but that is coincidental. There is only one aim of these kinds of shows: to entertain. And few things entertain unhappy people quite so much as mocking others. Rolls in your stink, pigs.


If you like shows such as American Idol, and all its spin-offs, then you fail at life.

From the title, to the comments, to the judges, to the editing, to the fans of such shows as American Idol, here is the deal: to improve guitar playing or singing is easy, but what is decidedly difficult is to dig yourself out of the spiritual hole of being a smug asshole who smirks at others (especially if you are a well-paid smug, smirking asshole, as is the case of the judges). I recommend that you fix yourself, losers, and that you stop laughing at people like Vinh Bui–you are only distracting yourself from what a smug, unhappy loser bully you are. #yourLifeFTL

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