How undeserving will women lose, in the female-led ‘patriarchy’

Palpable pretense among dying women

Palpable pretense among dying women

For more than two full generations, women of the West have basked in blanketed benefits–some rightly, some wrongly–by such siren-squawks as, “Mama knows best!,” and, “Patriarchy bad!” The blanket is manifestly unraveling. As the strength of, and reverence towards, those squawks progressively wanes, two female archetypes arise: decidedly deserving females, decidedly undeserving females. These archetypes stand opposed. They will war. Decidedly undeserving female will lose.

Death of vulva-centric injustice

Deserving-female-in-training, Kelly Baraga, does her best competence-impression for a politically-driven photo-op to encourage women, however incompetent, to apply for joining the California Highway Patrol

After 20 years of pretending, deserving-female-in-training, Kelly Baraga, does her best lady-cop competence-impression for a politically-driven photo-op to encourage women, however incompetent, to apply for joining the California Highway Patrol (CHP), in an article where ‘single mom’ Baraga, and other shes, talk not of “honor” nor “duty” but of the “fun” and “excitement” of law-enforcement, and of how, “Baraga said she feels she’s been given the same respect as her male cohorts. ‘Once you have the uniform on, it does not matter what gender you are’,” she-reporter quoted of she-cop.

Neither the deserving, nor undeserving female Highway Patrol Officer tolerates the excuses of an undeserving female. Neither spares the cute, crying, drunk, dangerous, self-supposed-victim of her deserved DUI arrest: the deserving female officer has worked too hard to risk losing her status–and, by that hard work, has developed too much integrity–she will not consider, not even for an instant, cosigning the criminal behavior of an undeserving female; the undeserving female officer likewise does not consider coddling: “Crying or not, this stupid, ugly, lazy fucking bitch broke the law!” For years, the undeserving female officer has (cutely and innocently, as she sees it) lied and leeched, she’s snuck–she’s sucked too many hes (and licked too many shes)–she’s she-worked too hard to get to where she now lounges: she will not risk losing her pretense by helping a less-lucky, failing fraud.

ECPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman

El Cajon Police Department (ECPD) Chief Shelley Zimmerman (not that Shelly Zimmerman) gives her best impression of a smile, after securing the top spot at the ECPD the best way a she-cop knows:
by a handout from a man.
Zimmerman slinked into lusterless local law-enforcement stardom by appointment in February 2014 from then-Mayor-Elect Kevin Faulconer, who pop-talked his thoroughly boring way to the top of San Diego’s 2013-14 plateau of mayoral mediocrity, outclassing even Attorney Hud Collins, whose ballot statement began with the impressively stilted, nearly intelligible, run-on sentence to follow: “Solving the financal/pension crisis, and restoring San Diego as America’s Finest City is matched by qualifications, education, experience.” Collins’ clumsiness was perhaps outmatched for badness only by affable, pothead-esque candidate, Michael Kemmer, whose ballot-statement defers to a terse, almost-humorously idiotic quote…from himself: “San Diego is the finest City in America and my plan will keep it that way for the FUTURE! BOOM BABY! (sic +4).” Poor-man’s Adam Sandler for San Diego’s chief executive, anyone?
Along with those idiot-savants of time- and energy-squandering, 8 similarly unimpressive males were Faulconer’s competition, as 11 males vied to replace former SD Mayor Bob “women’s accusations damage as badly as a conviction” Filner, who forfeited his male privilege after his political enemies laboriously “discovered” a smattering of unsubstantiated gossip about sexual-harassment (aka offending tarts), with paid-complicity from a handful of female, unprincipled, bird-brained, gold-digging liars.
This, in a state where disgraced former California Governor Gray “would 15 women lie?” Davis tried to play an “I placate women best” card just a little too strongly, when, in an Oct. 6. 2003 interview, he famously, foolishly entreated to California voters that they should take the word of 15 gold-digging, opportunist females over the word of accused-sexual-harasser, and then-gubernatorial-candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whereupon Davis asked plainly, “Would 15 women lie!?”
California voters answered plainly: vindicating the wrongfully she-accused Schwarzenegger by landslide election results–demonstrating that, at least sometimes, a pile of obviously lying, greedy female whores is only as credible as the obviously lying, venal, ring-leader male whore is persuasive.

Neither the deserving, nor undeserving female Police Officer catalyzes the violence of an undeserving female–no more reflexive ‘jail the male’, in domestic violence disputes. The deserving female officer, throughout her life, has dodged too many lady-land-mines, herself: too many shiftless shes, too many hateful hers. She does not believe, not for a second, the dead mythology of innocent women and children; instead, she uses her critical thinking, sense of duty, and allegiance to justice for determining the villain and victim. Likewise, the sloppy, shiftless, hateful, undeserving female Officer offers no respite to any undeserving female–again too busy precariously maintaining her own pretense and fraud, she has no time to prime a violent partner-ette-in-crime: “The ugly, stupid, lazy, retarded, faggot bitch must fry!”

Neither the deserving, nor undeserving female Judge cosigns the fleeting, fetid social-sanctity of an undeserving female. Rather, both gladly make an example out of she-tyrants. The deserving female judge, again, knows of too much: too much about tough love for good fathers, and soft hate for bad mothers–too much anti-family tyranny, by prior family courts. She dismisses, as idiocy, the dead mythology that, no matter what, “Children need their mother [because no matter how virulent or violent, drug-addicted or derelict–every dangerously hateful mom is still a loving mom].” The undeserving female Judge, in now-familiar pattern, especially punishes undeserving women–even to a fault–in order to keep the focus off herself, onto her less-clever clone: “That ugly, lazy, stupid, nigger, cunt, faggot, retard bitch knows she filed her papers wrong anyways!”

Various expressions of an undeserving female judge, translated

Death of laughable laudation, vapid veneration, placid placation of women generally

Indiscriminate Cannibalism defines this new archetype of undeserving female–especially the leaders, the Nancy Pelosis and Hillary Clintons of the new and next generations: they socially eat their own kind; they socially devour anyone and anything; they tell any lie, kill any child–whether by the cowardice of drone-strikes or the empowerment of infanticide; they do anything to feel a mind-numbing, doubt-numbing, fear-numbing, hope-numbing social-petting by the kings, queens, bishops, knights, castles–these indiscriminate cannibalistic, undeserving females are the ultimate pitiless pawns.

Two kinds of female leaders are emerging: deserved, undeserved. Neither cosigns the idiocy, the incompetence, the malevolence, the pretentious sense of entitlement among undeserving women: one worked too hard and knows too much; the other knows nothing but her precarious facades and hypocrisy–too little to offer, too much to lose.

As the son sets the daughter’s rise, a new era looms on the social-horizon. The start, gradual. The shift, chaotic.  The end–inevitable.

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