How to lose self-doomed friends in this “short life”

How to lose self-doomed friends in this "short life"

Facebook status: “One the way to the bar, I’m bored lol.” Comment: “four things about the internet: 1) the ‘internet’ is a collection of computers, connected around the world. 2) the internet can quickly connect you to vast information about the history and workings of the world–more information than was ever available to virtually any king or queen of history. 3) you have the internet sitting in front of you. 4) you just used the internet to say you are “bored” and on your way to get drunk.” Analysis: “It is not that we have too little time but that we lose so much. Life is long enough for our most ambitious projects, if we invest it all carefully. But if you squander life, through luxury and indifference, and if you waste life on distraction, then you’ll eventually realize life is gone before you noticed it was going. So it is: the life you receive is not short unless you make it so, by your wasting time.” -Seneca, On the Shortness of Life

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