Hamas introduces Palestinian Lives Matter

Hamas introduces Palestinian Lives Matter

“Trayvon Muhammad will go down in degenerate history as one of the best Palestinian braggers of allah time!!!” -some crazy arab

“Rocket Launchers up! Don’t Shoot!” -title of the newest hit hypocritical bullshit out of Pallywood.

Palestinian hip-hop group S.N.W.A. (Sand Niggas Wit Allahtude) pictured in a rap video for their hit new hoax ‘RUDS’ (big dick slang for “Rocket Launchers Up, Don’t Shoot), a protest song by Palestinian political-toddlers who say ‘zionist devils’ do not give poor pal pal dindus enough peaceful warnings about firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Asked if Palestinian Lies Matter could catch fire like Black Lies Matter, or like the black-owned businesses in Baltimore that Black Lies Matter torched to protest the death of black drug dealer Freddie Gray while in the custody of black cops, in a city with a black mayor, a black police chief, and a mostly-black city council, the Palestinian hip-hop group said, ”we can only pray that our imaginary monster, Allah, grant us the blessing of being as mindlessly hypocritical as the ignorant, arrogant, ethically-retarded frauds of Black Lies Matter!”

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