Good Cops vs Feral Blacks


Good Cops vs Feral Blacks

Original Analysis:

If “Good Cops” aren’t arresting “Bad Cops”, HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY “GOOD COPS”!?


If millions of murderous black mom’s kill their baby in the womb, and countless feral blacks kill each other 1. to steal slave-made shoes, 2. over nearly nothing, AND if countless encounters that obviously amount to ‘good cop vs feral black’ (eg Ferguson) still get framed as ‘police brutality’ — then “HOW THE FUCK” do you suppose cops go out of their way to ignore feral blacks and terrorize good blacks?

-Russ Lindquist

PS, fun facts:

1. If I witness a cop clearly breaking the law, I am willing to intervene; if it is a matter of life & death, I am willing to disable the cop, or, if necessary, kill them.

2. Unlike, your leftist enablers, I know the difference between good blacks and feral ones, and I WILL NOT side with feral blacks against good cops.

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