Free Lunch, for the specialized test-products


With so much marketed as “free” these days, it remains useful to remember:

  1. nothing is free
  2. everything costs (at least time, which is the most valuable commodity in existence)
  3. whenever a product is marked as free, then
    1. you are the test-product,
    2. your usage is measured,
    3. you priorities serve as a valuable study for those who hope to predict the future, by predicting (and, at times, adjusting) the priorities of a larger population.

student_groupFor the above reasons, I am never surprised when a specialized test-product happens upon some information I’ve provided, and they reflexively give me their livid, limp, feedback:

  1. it’s the only training they ever received in how to examine and address information:
    1. do you like It or not?
    2. why?
    3. what simplistic, self-absorbed, invariably inane advice would you give to make It more enjoyable to you (ie for It to accord more with your socially engineered preferences)?
  2. all but their entire sense-of-self requires that they compulsively voice their livid, limp, simplistic, self-absorbed, invariably inane,  socially engineered preferences: it’s how they know that they
    1. are alive
    2. matter
  3. they’ve been trained to crave ‘mattering’ — to crave validation — more than food, water, or even air.

Free Lunch! remains an immensely effective strategy for marketing,  to people, their participation in experiments; and is one of the reasons why so many people have become so stunningly boring and stupid.


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