Free Carlton Bryan! (victim of financially-battered-man syndrome)

Free pro-choice activist Carlton Bryan!

Anti-choice radicals in Hartford Connecticut are terrorizing a young poor black man for doing nothing more than exercising his patriarchy-given right to terminate an unwanted burden that resided in his financial-womb. Now, police and other government officials are seeking to legislate Carlton Bryan’s financial-womb, saying he acted criminally when he sought an abortion for the 66th trimester zygote, Shamari Jenkins.

The National Organization for Women and other typical anti-male, pseudo-pro-choice clowns have not yet commented on the case–probably because they’re busy making banners.

No word yet on whether thousands of feminists have taken to the streets demanding that, “Carlton Bryan must be set free! He’s been diagnosed with financially-battered-man syndrome! He was operating within learned-helplessness! The real villain is the late would-be-social-tyrant, Shamari Jenkins.”

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