Feminism as an extension of unprincipled patriarchy (example: Ben Shapiro vs Donald Trump on abortion)

Among patriarchy’s most powerful methods is to give a woman license for licentiousness, in order to destabilize her, mentally and emotionally, then provide her protection from each and every predictable consequence of her corrupt character; such protection is a Trojan Horse to trap her into patriarchy’s complete control: provide her superior response-ability; permit her inferior account-ability; and no accountability at all, to anyone but her monolithic stepdad: the State.

Recently, RINO Ben ‘the articulate schmendrick’ Shapiro mentally queefed 3 reasons Trump is wrong [to propose punishment for a woman who murders a child].”

First, Schmendrick Shapiro suggests utilitarianism: he schmendaciously preens his pretense, praising the ‘usefulness’ of absolving women, by default, for crimes such as conspiracy, murder, et al. Among the payoffs, says short-of-stature-and-mind Shapiro: when abortion is illegal, yet women are above the law, then the whorish kid-killers can lead leaden leaders’ lynch-mobs to the true culprits: the middlemen, id est the abortion-providers. “Just as,” Shapiro shits, “we should not punish drug users, but only punish the ‘pushers’.” You know: abortion and drugs are ‘forced’ onto those poor innocent victims who are too pure and naive to make good decisions. (Speaking of ‘utilitarianism’: note normalizing of young boys to choose cellular cells of digital celibacy, or the decrepit cunts of their cougar caretakers, or each other’s anuses–anything that sells to seal and shield the appeal of the boys’ priceless peers: young, fertile girls.)

Second, Schlepiro advises that to embolden kid-killing women with immunity is politically popular. For this, he invokes a few losers to feign a foundation–the kind of philosophical Gerrymander appropriate for a fatuous anti-Harvard Harvard-whore.

Third, Mor Toledano’s morally destitute husband holds that it is morally unfair to hold women to an objective standard: “women, deprived of agency, do not know right from wrong, and so should be free to kill kids with impunity.” To ground his third point in precedent, Shapiro, ever the lawyer, cited the courtly wisdom of his beloved Israel, which ruled that unprincipled Israeli whores are not the problem– the Sabbar Kashurs of the world are the true problem, and it “behooves every patriarch to absolve and infantilize women everywhere, all the time, even in matters of murder.”

Compare Shapiro’s glib nihilistic cynicism to his now-hypocritical denunciation of Trump’s legacy of venal profiteering by bylaws that the latter now hypocritically considers anti-american.

Consider, also, Freud’s warnings in The Sexual Enlightenment Of Children; and compare 1) jailbait worship, to 2) hurtcore–both blithely derided as “child pornography”.

And, above all, admire these 50 shades of [murderous, emotionally retarded, socially dysfunctional daughters of the State], courtesy of feminism as full-retard patriarchy, via the Ben Shapiro brand RINOS of the New World.

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