Echo-chamber of leftist lies about Ferguson Grand Jury

Echo-chamber of leftist lies about Ferguson Grand Jury

Original lie:

According to the Bureau of justice statistics, of the 162,000 federal cases prosecuted in 2010, grand juries indicted 161,989 of them. However, between 2008 and 2012, grand juries only indicted 1 of 81 cases involving police shootings.

Meanwhile, you leftist pawns: take the time to follow the Daily Kos ‘source’: it leads to ‘’, which is the wordpress blog of random leftist loser(s). I couldn’t find who they are, because, like so many ‘heroic’ leftists–they hide: in this case, behind the registrar ‘Corporate Domains, inc.’ But why would propagandists of the newest cultural fraud want to hide? They’re heroes! After all, everyone loves lies about that thug piece of shit Mike Brown. Racist cowards.

The real 2010 Bureau of Justice stats*

All offenses: 193,021; Declined: 30,690 (15.9%) Violent offenses: 5,520; Declined: 1,949 (35.3%) Murders: 966; Declined: 365 (37.8%) Assaults: 1,197; Declined: 435 (36.3%)

*, pg11

Guess what will happen to the leftist media whores who lied about these stats: the same nothing that happened to the leftist media whores who told you Thugvon was a toddler and Zimmerman was…other than a 5’8” Peruvian. Back to sleep, cowardly, racist pawns.

~Russ Lindquist

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