Debate: “Feminism is Hate” (Russ round 6)

Note to GWW from Penny Paradis (Dani’s sister), prefaced by Dani

Debate: Feminism is HateDebate: Feminism is Hate


Round x: “Feminism is Hate (Final Round, opposing the motion, Dani and Russ)

Round 8: “Feminism is hate (Round 8)” — Russ

Round 7: Is Feminism Hate? Response (finally) — Karen (girlwriteswhat)

Round 6: “Feminism is Hate” — Russ

Round 5: response to Danielle Paradis, part 2 — Karen (girlwriteswhat)

Round 4: Feminism is Hate (Russ, round 4) — this video

Round 3: “Hi Danielle, nice to make your acquaintance — Karen (girlwriteswhat)

Round 2: “Feminism is not hatred” — Danielle (Parakeet99)

Round 1: “Men’s Rights Edmonton Vlog #8” — Eric (MensRightsEdmonton)


Debate: Feminism is Hate (Russ’ preface to round 4)

Debate accepted (Russ)

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