Critique: Debate between white charlatans Peter Joseph & Stefan Molyneux


Peter Joseph (left), Stefan Molyneux: two intellectual-infants, mid-debate

Peter Joseph (left), Stefan Molyneux: two intellectual-infants, mid-debate

“Give my frail voice and pale vision uninterrupted soliloquy, or give our conversation death!,” seethed the mirrored subtext of both Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph and FreeDomainRadio’s Stefan Molyneaux, as the two debated impotently on Sept. 23rd 2013.

Though forgoing the lime-green suit, diamond earrings, and golden cufflinks of so many gaudy black charlatan’s, what these pitiable white charlatans lacked in fabrics and flair, they easily overcompensated for with lime-green assertions, diamond non-sequiturs, and golden interruptions of the other: the gaudiness-of-choice for those of a certain ethnicity, who so often begin by sacrificing breath-control, on their path to eventually sacrificing self-control. But at least they are white.

Both out of their element: Joseph, without his customary crutches of post-production, visual-aids and the eager, parochial, pliable choirs to which he preaches; Molyneux, over-practiced, under-reasoned and self-important as ever: each simply impeded the other for the two hours of their passively aggressive, stiltedly progressive, laughable, aimless, dying reverse-circle-jerk.

Nothing was accomplished. Artfully.
Nothing was elucidated. Eruditely.
Long, masterful nothing.
Witnessed: glib smirks and sneers: the quintessential death-throes of the over-educated and under-skilled, with all their respective, collective, real and imagined enemies’ vices—yet none of their virtues.
Death, in hi-def.

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