“Creepers,” sacred-cows, social-autism, mid-20’s mall workers

"Creeper" duck rapes girl duck after meeting on duck facebook.

"Creeper" duck rapes girl duck after meeting on duck facebook.

Many a woman and girl in our culture is quite caged–immensely controlled, her potential stripped by fetid etiquette fed to her by social-engineers. Social-engineers uses each woman and girl as sacred cow. When most effective, such a sacred cow evokes lust from a man, spurring him to earn; while evoking jealousy from a woman, encouraging her to spend.

Bridling the sacred cows

Two tools by which our culture directly and indirectly controls the sacred cows are fear and self-righteousness. At some point in the last several years, both tools have, yet again, come together powerfully, with the advent of the term “creeper.” More strictly speaking, an online creeper is any man who dares to look at what your daughter, sister or mother shows–on her facebook, for example: pictures of her pretending to suckle her friends breasts, drunk at a party. Offline, a creeper is any man who looks at the meticulously titillating self-presentation of your daughter, sister or mother–cleavage out, ass out, etc.

The term creeper is inane and would have died off quickly, if it were not so useful for social-engineers in controlling women and girls–the sacred cows–through self-righteousness and fear.

Sacred cows controlled by fear of “creepers”

The popularization of the term is a strategy by social-engineers who aim to control women by glorifying the women’s socially-engineered fear that any man who engages them in any way except the most sterile, trite and socially acceptable–that man is a “creeper,” and probably wants to rape her.

Sacred cows thoughts controlled self-righteousness against “creepers”

The concept of a creeper endures as just another way for social-engineers to control a woman’s thoughts by allowing her to disdain, to feel morally superior towards, any man who would engage her on any way except the most sterile, trite and socially acceptable. The sacred cow learns to disguise her insecurities as strength.

Social-autism of sacred cows

From early on in her life, the average woman in our culture learns that she will never have trouble getting attention. Instead, her challenge will be to weather all the attention thrust upon her, and to sift through it for the attention that she wants. Often, attention overwhelms the woman or girl and she will develop social-autism.

Mid-20’s mall workers

Eventually, the sacred cows are not so sacred, and must beg for attention:

“The mall: hot chick social-graveyard”

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