Lie: “Every 28 hours a black person dies at the hands of the police” (credulous black man parrots shell-game of white liberal liar Arlene Eisen)

Attention Black US Citizens: Let me me tell you all why & how you should be confused, fearful, self-righteous, racist pawns” - subtext of countless white liberals, many of whom inwardly celebrate whenever a black dies, because that brings another chance to lie. *Recently I made a video called Racist puppets on notice: Michael Brown Was no Stephanie Neiman, Mark Slavin. In the comments section, youtube user donpldp regurgitated the baseless hearsay that, “Every 28 hours a black person dies at the hands of the police.” The user could have gotten that lie from or from Malcolm X Grassroot Movement, or many other mires aimed to distract, mislead and enrage black US citizens.

White liberal Arlene Eisen cages credulous black pawns

The lie that, “Every 28 hours a black person dies at the hands of the police,” began by white liberal Arlene Eisen who owns the website, which publishes race-baiting junk-science, including the ‘2012 Annual Report on the Exrajudicial killings of 313 black people by Police, Security Guards and Vigilantes’ (View Cover). The report is issued also by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement—the trivial, frivolous project of Monifa Akinwole-Bandele, whose other fraudulent endeavors include being a member of the Board of Directors for Brooklyn Movement Center. (That she used to have sex with The Artist Formerly known as prince is Akinwole-Bandele’s biggest claim to fame.)

The pseudo-research

Eisen’s junk-science report contains a key element on page 17, where the author states, “No national database tracks killings, and no one analyzes that non-existent data by race, yet the partial studies that do exist consistently find that Black people are killed by police, security guards and vigilantes in numbers dramatically out of proportion to their share in the population [17].” Then you go to citation 17, upon which many central points rest—and it’s a dead link (which further references the entire 2012 Sunday Commentary of The Dallas Morning News).

Arlene Eisen: Academic Slob

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” – Winston Churchill. So youtube user donpldp—and countless others like him—was simply misled by the white academic-slob Arlene Eisen, who is supposedly Ivy-League-trained. Eisen’s junk-science and pitiful scholarship surely reached around too much of the world. Fortunately, though, I don’t wear pants.

The lesson

The lesson is: check your sources. Check them even if you want to agree with what they say; in fact, a respectable person checks sources especially when they want to agree with what they say. Otherwise, you forever chain yourself to being a pawn swamped in Confirmation Bias. ~Russ Lindquist

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