Chaos, as internet exposed corrupt cops, malevolent moms

Frantic death-throes, corrupt culture’s closing chapter: when internet exposed & irreparably damaged two fragile myths: Invariably Blameless Women; Invariably Noble Police.

One day, they’d sought solace, but the next day, that ceased…

In droves, they exited Hollywood, then church, then anti-church, Obama-land, then anti-Obama-land, abortion rallies, anti-abortion-rallies, etc–whatever had best calmed them into cowardly complicity, as their favored of Plato’s Cave: wherever they had gone, to hide away from the looming of reality’s glare.

That day, they learned that cops murdered–a lot–and that, thankfully, cops also had a very high rate of suicide.

That day, they learned that, even at the height of Violence Against Women hysteria, women were abusing children more than men had been abusing women: they learned that the need for a Violence Against Children Act had far outweighed the need for a Violence Against Women Act, and they wondered how, impossibly, they never noticed;

That day, they learned that lots of women abused kids, creating subsequent generations of child-abusers and sex-offenders, whose clearest common-link was childhood trauma from physical abuse, especially by mothers–women who, with staggering frequency, each received lamentable leniency for her tormenting & tyranny, unless–even less–she got only a blind-eye turned to her;

they learned that countless–indeed, uncounted–women lied about rape, killed their husbands, killed their kids–and then often openly bragged about one, some, or all of such empowerments, as it was called back then: bragged amid the comforting nods, continual facades, flattery and placation from an endless supply of social-therapists, in bars, clubs, work, home–anywhere and everywhere sprawled the domain and dominion of the single mother monolith: the ultimate remoras;

That day, they learned that they just never heard about any of this, because 1) it was always justified somehow by some fetid, callous cost-benefit analysis–at least for the sought sake of mythical short-term loss for long-term gain, such as never touched a soul: the ends justified the means, until a bitter, bawling end; and 2) victims of violence would traditionally recede into silence, whether by yet more violence, or apology with Crocodile Tears, or Gaslighting–but above all, the tyrants & their shallow she-serfs survived, restlessly buried beneath manic mirth, by the lack of a platform for victims to show themselves to each other, to unite, and to devour; this lack maintained the chains–and then, the internet happened.

Not long after the internet caught on among unwashed, mind-washed masses, captious and captivated children began to generously re-distribute their learned dearth of integrity–helping certain others to reap: those who had sown. There were dead parents, and rumors of dead parents: some social-veal cut off their parents heads; other social-veal beat their parents to death with a hammer; still more social-veal, no longer lulled nor chained by sublimating will into the synthesized Siren-Call of Call Of Duty, they rampaged thru real streets, into real theaters and all over real school yards, really applying their high-caliber intravenous-adrenaline pastimes, so to rage against the dying of light–and against the surviving of hitherto hallowed innocent women and children.

Throwing off their oppressors-chains®, they impaled infants and drank from the ocean–anything and everything they were not ‘supposed’ to do; they learned of Albert Fish, then tried for themselves his favorite dish, while onlookers composed odes to Odin, Satan–anyone but…him.

Manageable ‘anomalies’ grew to be ‘exceptional’–and then simply became the rule: all the overlooked now likewise overlooked, as the pendulum swung ever further in their favor. Then, to defy a tradition of proscription, each stabbed and gouged out their own eyes, then clapped and ruptured their own ears, then each cut off their own nose–to spite, their fate.

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