Celebrity: a big inside-joke

The mis-trained mind will believe that the following band and concert-goers are exceptional, but all celebrity is this lame. All celebrity* is only polished feces, requiring highly trained hair-stylists, highly trained makeup artists, highly trained sound-engineers and highly trained self-deceivers in order to seem more than it is: a total waste of time.

Funeral Party pretends in concert while bored concert goers listlessly document the time they saw Funeral Party.

*Celebrity covers a LOT more than music: it is the religion believed, the attractive woman sought, the rich man sought, the dinner conversations about nothing, the “single-mother” encouraged to alienate her children from their father, the heart-to-heart sex-talks between confused children and their self-loathing parents, “pro-choice” rallies, “pro-life” rallies, pretty much anything that unreasonably secures inordinate attention, distracting from reality.

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