Black man cosigns white woman’s daddy-issues

Regardless what many self-righteous hippie liberals like to pretend, not every romantic relationship between a black person and a white person is based on “tolerance” or “forward-thinking” or “loving someone for who they are–color aside.”  Simply put: in our culture, sometimes it takes the swagger of a rampantly self-righteous black guy to sufficiently cosign all the rampant stupidity of a white woman.

In case you just joined us, here is what you missed: Our culture often socializes its women–especially its white women–into being insatiable, self-worshiping tyrants.  Plenty parents get into the swing of such things, and downright ruin their daughters, via flattery and placation.

However, there is no idiotic tyranny quite like the daughter scorned.

Peep the video below, yo.  Watch it closely: notice the nuance of the bratty-ass white girls face during the lead up–and let out–of her mindless man’s threats of violence against her dad.

Black man cosigns white woman’s daddy-issues

Speaking of dysfunction: sometimes you can find black women who enjoy the socially-engineered weak, servile character of white men.  For example:

Black woman emasculating her white man

If this is success, well, then…congratulations.

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