Black Lives DO NOT Matter, only black complacency, black complicity, black votes: political formula

By the power and privilege vested in me by our white supremacist patriarchy, I now pronounce the following: Black lives DO NOT matter, only black cowardice, black hypocrisy, black complacency, black complicity, black votes. It goes something like this…

if Cuba occupied USA with torture chambers

if Cuba occupied USA with torture chambers

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people” -chocolate puppet

In 2005, emotionally incontinent social-whore Kanye West distracted from Hurricane Katrina with his racist stupidity, echoing the racist stupidity of countless black USA citizens. Meanwhile, much dissimulation continued among USA apologists regarding the torture of global dissidents by USA’s nationalized mercenaries in occupied Cuba.

Scaled to proportion, USA’s occupation of Guantanamo Bay as a torture chamber would be spatially equivalent* to Cuba occupying both Delaware and Rhode Island as torture chambers.

Now imagine if, for the last 50 years and ongoing, Cuba occupied Delaware and Rhode Island, torturing people there. Imagine further that at some politically opportune moment, Cuba’s political whores circle-jerked sanctimoniously that they would deign to raise a flag and re-open an embassy, as a symbol of ‘renewed spirit for cooperation’, “despite [USA’s] terrible record on Human Rights.”

Plenty of the stupidest black USA citizens–as myopically self-absorbed Useful Idiots–chant that Black Lives Matter, even as they voted, TWICE, for a president who publicly, proudly presided over USA’s torture chamber at Guantanamo Bay in occupied Cuba, which would be like Cubans occupying Rhode Island and Delaware as torture chambers; equivalent as if Missouri were a country–and Cubans occupied TEN Fergusons, using them all as torture chambers.

*Formula of occupation
CUBA: 43,000^2mi
Guantanamo Bay: 45^2mi
USA: 3,800,000 million^2mi
Delaware & Rhode Island: 4000^2mi
MISSOURI: 70,000^2mi
Ferguson: 6^2miles

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