Autocracy Imploding vs Humble Nurturing (two reflections on consequences of ‘sexual enlightenment of children’, Freud)

“The freeing of an individual from the authority of parents, while growing up, is one of the most necessary, and one of the most painful results brought about during the course of personal development. Such liberation* is quite essential, and achieved by everyone who reaches a normal state. Moreover, society’s progress wholly depends upon opposition between successive generations, whereas a kind of neurosis recognizably derives from failure** to achieve such autonomy.”
-Freud, the sexual enlightenment of children

*contrast with 19th century mentally retarded Christians, primed for credulity, then surrendered to Stalinism; contrast also with 20th century Chinese collectivists, loyal even until cannibalism and child-murder; contrast also with 21st century western infanticide, as the perfecting of ‘Stockholm syndrome’, to the point of millions of women demanding the ‘right’ of other women to be sterilized, and, if the sterilization should fail, demanding that the women be ’empowered’ by having the ‘undue burden’ bludgeoned, so to allow the women to optimally sit in rows, fill out forms, and work jobs they hate, to buy products they do not need, to impress people they do not like.

**e.g. kids well accorded with the previous generation(s) as to retard their accord with their own generation.

Further, Freud’s mention of controlling children by successively controlling their sexuality–naturally through ignorance, then unnaturally through neglect, confusion, fear, shame: withholding as much about sex as possible, for as long as possible; then, when depending on ignorance and confusion by withholding becomes impossible or otherwise impracticable, appealing to fear (ie disease, betrayal etc), otherwise appealing to shame. Result: a culture of mentally-neutered eternal-toddlers, who are always awaiting orders, invariably variously 1) credulously confused, 2) fickly fearful, 3) solemnly shame-filled; at the expense of being thoughtful, intrepid, principled.

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