ARCH: Abortion Rights & Celebrity Homosexualism, to cull murderous moms & deadbeat dads from the cultural herd

ARCH- Abortion Rights & Celebrity Homosexualism to cull murderous moms & deadbeat dads from the cultural herd

Once upon a time, after the great population boom, the shadowy leaders of culture (the neo-cons, or illuminati, Jews, freemasons — whomever you pretend) they converged on a huge cultural problem: a succession of unfit parents tainting society & the gene-pool generally…

A mom’s schizophrenia would echo the tone of her religious psychosis, so she would put her baby in a microwave, because she mistook the murderous voices in her head to be the marvelous, magnificent, malevolent, monstrous God of Moses;

a dad, forgetting the natural use for a family, would descend from Brokeback Mountain, only to descend as a parent, spending much less time as a mentor to his children, and much more time dumping his energy & potential into the rectal-womb of the true lust of his life: his favorite diseased man-wife.


The cultural leaders sought to preempt breeding among such obviously unfit genetic specimens by slyly offering ARCH: Abortion Rights & Celebrity Homosexualism, knowing this would cull, from the cultural herd, a considerable amount of undesirable murderous moms & deadbeat dads.

The leaders knew that chaos would ensue for generations; they predicted a ‘Nancy Pelosi Effect’, where some ARCH advocates would be far from subtle in their approach: openly encouraging ARCH for others –while themselves bearing, raising & protecting their children. The engineers placed their bet on the immense, doomed stupidity of the undesirables.

So here, today, 2525: a world freed from sharing resources with the prevented progeny of the psychopathic undesirables who were preemptively purged so long ago.

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