An update on the badness of Debra Lynn Hills

Me with my kids, 2010

Me with my kids, 2010

Nothing notable has changed.

Last year, my wife imperiled our family, escalated her idiocy, was held unaccountable, stole our kids from me during a visitation (after I had raised them their entire young lives), and then put a bullshit restraining-order on me, to avoid me getting my kids back, and resulting in me having not seen my kids in over a year.

Debra Hills is a a bad person, an even worse mother, and one day our kids will feel the same conflict towards her that so many children in our culture feel towards their bad mothers: compelled, by sentimentality to “love” her, even as they thoroughly dislike her.  Meanwhile, consistent with our culture’s bad mothers, Debra has plenty cheer-leading degenerates, encouraging her to rob me of my children and them of me.  Don’t worry: it’s just a man getting cheated out of his kids by a woman.  Go back to sleep.

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2 Responses to An update on the badness of Debra Lynn Hills

  1. timothy says:


    your kids will just wonder why their father thought his integrity (to whatever the hell it is) is more important than actually getting to see them by playing along with the system. and maybe think that all the shitty lies their mom is telling them is true.

    it sucks to have to back down. but some things are worth more than your pride/sense of being right.