An excellent reason to hit a woman: self-defense

File this under yet another violent member of “innocent women and children” gets a reality-check. And good for this guy: self-defense is an excellent reason to hit a woman.


Note the men, afterwards, coming through as socially-retarded zombies: “why you going to push her? Why you ain’t push me.” Answer: because she, not you, was up in his face. That answer is obvious for anyone who is not socialized into being a social-eunuch zombie with hopes of “protecting” a woman, no matter how wrong, even violent, the woman is.

If less people treated women like unaccountable social-toddlers then less women would act as did the girl in this video.

Another example

Two women attack a man (Note the “oh, you wanna hit a girl, nigga.” Girls will play that card, even as they are attacking a man, until they get hit often enough for it or at least are not defended as if they are “innocent.”)



The first video shows a woman hitting a man in the face, then leaning on him, daring him to hit her.  Then he hits her.  And when he is leaving she immediately resorts to “stay right here” because she actually believes that it is the man’s obligation to stay and face psychopathic woman-worshiping zombies from the mountain of socialized idiocy–men who would pretend to believe that, “there is never an excuse to hit a woman.”

In the second video, we have two women attacking a man.  One of the women has brass-knuckles.  Even as the women are attacking the man, and he is defending himself, the women are saying both, “oh you wanna hit a woman?”  and, “you a pussy nigga (weak man), hitting a woman”–even as they are attacking him.  These women actually believe that a man should not hit them, not even in self-defense.

Finally we have the last video:  the inevitability of women being raised to believe that, “there is never an excuse to hit a women.”  The woman (and men) in the following video know perfectly well that the real rule is, “there is never an excuse [for a man] to hit a woman.”  Watch what happens:


What are the men supposed to do? Imagine the circumstance:

  • A person is kicking a woman’s face, but not breaking the rule of, “there is never an excuse [for a man] to hit a woman.”
  • The person is throwing and kicking the dog.
  • If a man were to step in and hit the person then the person would be protected by every psychopathic zombie who believes that, “there is never an excuse [for a man] to hit a woman.”
  • The men, as they film and watch, are not breaking the rule: they are not hitting a member of “innocent women and children.”

It is a tangled web our culture has woven, by it poisonous idiocy of, “there is never an excuse [for a man] to hit a woman.”


Now, I have found a video of a woman actually playing the “don’t touch a girl” card against a man who is defending his girlfriend against to girls:


Here is exactly how much girls respect the idea that “there is never an excuse to hit a woman”:

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