About SFTU

The internet is for worldwide teaching, learning, sharing, discussion & debate!

The internet is for worldwide teaching, learning, sharing, discussion & debate!

SFTU: Seek, First, To Understand: you first ought to understand an idea, then accept or reject it.

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1. The Goal
2. Key Challenges
3. Three tools

1. The Goal: Knowledge, Objectivity, Application

Online communication, discussion, debate often displays much wasted time and wasted potential; a key reason for this waste is many people cannot disagree (or even agree) in meaningful, effective ways. This website is my attempt to catalyze a better world, by offering a better way to study, as well as a better way to learn and teach, while staying focused on better ways to agree and disagree. Contributors will generally focus on a) Courage To Increase depth of knowledge–to benefit themselves as well as their readers, b) Humility To Maintain respect for objectivity–towards all ideas, regardless whether they agree or disagree with the idea, then c) Structure To Apply their developed theories to improve real situations in the world.

2. The Key Challenges: a) replacing complacency & expedience with intrepidity & earnestness, b) creating cooperation from confrontation, c) translating theory into action

There are those who simply 1) stubbornly agree with those who already think like them, and, 2) stubbornly disagree with those who don’t. And then they simply misuse new information to reinforce their stubbornness. This habit weakens the mind, wastes time and prevents success. Instead, there are three tools–three Core Values.

3. The Three tools (3 core values) to Manage Time & Build Success: Courage, Humility, Structure

In life, time is a vital resources. Three valuable tools maximize time and potential: 1) Courage; 2) Humility; 3) Structure. When these three tools become a person’s core value–that person will excel.

a) Tool of Courage

Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Some people are able, but not willing; some are willing, but not able; some are neither; some are both. Courage can be learned, and courage can be practiced—and the stronger your tool of courage, the better you will spend your time, which will help you to reach your potential. However, courage alone is not enough…

b) Tool of Humility

Humble means teachable. The opposite of humble is unteachable, stubborn. To be humble requires patience, practice—and indeed courage. Humility, like courage, can be learned; and just like the tool of courage, the tool of humility determines how well you spend your time. Time and potential. (Humble is different from timid—humility shows a strength to listen and learn; timidity shows only fear.)

c) Tool of Structure

Structure is all about priority. Quick, rushed, online communication often creates the habit of bad prioritizing–creating communicators who are slaves to one mood after another. Good structure requires consistently good priorities. Structure can be learned, and is vital for spending time well and reaching success. For an example of the importance of structure, following is everything I just wrote—but without good structure:

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