About Russ — Personally

Me, Russ Lindquist (Spring 2011)

About me, personally

My name is Russ Lindquist. I was born in Provo, Utah but raised, since six months old, in San Diego, California. Before studying at Grossmont Community College, here in San Diego California, the highest grade that I fully completed was 2nd; the highest grade that I ever attempted was 9th.  This is both true and misleading, and entirely irrelevant to any idea that I communicate.

9 Responses to About Russ — Personally

  1. Terence Sommer says:

    You are hot!!!!!!

  2. Kristjen says:

    hey man i didn’t know you worked in the Adult Industry! I do too, I always kept it a secret but honestly you know who I am but nobody else does and I prefer to keep it that way lol… Hope all has been going well for you and I had been talking to you on youtube a lot, I left my personal email on here so if you wanna talk about collabing on a video I’m game…

  3. Dan says:

    funny how this USED to say the highest grade you completed was “4th”, then it was “3rd” and now it’s “2nd”? hmm… either you are trying to make yourself sound like some kind of triumpher of social injustice, or you had really crappy parents… or both, though usually triumphers of social injustice have something to show for it, what do you have?

  4. Cocoa says:

    What a treat to have found you this evening. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lu says:

    Hello there my dear, I’m Lu. I didn’t come here to the site to prove my intelligence by insulting what you have to say. I didn’t stop by to point out irregularities to feel a brief since of oneupsmanship. I didn’t come by to criticize your frequent partial nudity (to which I greatly appreciate) and I also don’t care to question your tattoos (you should let me design one for you sometime, I’m a freelance artist). But I did, in fact, come here to say Hi and that I enjoy your perspective. (Not that it matters, just thought I’d say something)

    I left my blog just in case you actually would like a tattoo design :0

  6. Lu says:

    P.s. I know you have a lady (Mojdeh, I believe?) 🙂 so I don’t and didn’t mean any disrespect by commenting. Y’all take care! ^_^